Spots of Joy is committed to being conscious about the environment and the impact of our products. Here are some steps I take to attempt to be a little more environmentally friendly:

  • Smaller items do not have plastic sleeves. While there is risk to water damage, I would rather replace an item on the rare occasion, than provide plastic sleeves for every item that goes out.
  • Plastic bags are not used at Farmers Markets. I ask if a paper bag is desired.
  • Some shipped orders will come in reused shipping containers. While it doesn’t have as professional of a look, it is great to give another container another use. I encourage you to do the same!
  • At the moment, all padding used in packages is from the original packaging of the bulk boxes, or from other packages I’ve received.
  • Most of my items for sale are paper products that can be recycled.

If you see anything that could use improvement or have suggestions, please feel free to email

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