Why “Spots of Joy”?

If you've ever been curious as to why I named my company "Spots of Joy", or if you are just wanting to know details around the name, the read on! A couple of years ago when I decided to go the route of self-publishing for my children's book, Meet Faith - The Story of a Deaf Dalmatian, I had to decide if I'd publish under my name, or as a company. Now, I'm not going to go into the details of this decision, but I decided to go with using a company name (mostly to keep the book separate from personal finances). So when I thought about names, I thought about the reason for writing my book. As you could probably guess, that reason is Faith (my deaf Dalmatian if you're just now tuning in). The first thing that came to mind when I thought about her was how [...]

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How I Illustrated Meet Faith

It took a little bit to decide what to write for my first blog post. I'm not used to doing this sort of thing, so it didn't come easily. And while this is my "first" post, it's actually not, because I have another one in my drafts. That one is very long though and about a topic that some might not view positively, so you'll have to wait patiently for that one. I thought sharing how I decided to illustrate my children's book Meet Faith would be a nice start. I think it will speak to the readers of my book, who are curious about my illustration process. And hopefully it will help everyone else understand my main message of being yourself. Self-publishing is a long road, with a lot of steps and a lot of work that lead to one final product that may or may not be [...]

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