What People Are Saying About Meet Faith

Below are some comments I have received on the book. These are organic comments, texts and other messages I’ve received that have not been prompted or asked for.

OMG you’re book is so good! I absolutely love it! I know A. will want to reread this again and again.

He absolutely loves it. We’ve read it twice already.

(Faith’s) life story is going to teach so many kiddos how to be determined and adventurous. You have truly done amazing things.

We read this almost everyday! G. loves it.

I purchased the first “Meet Faith” book in hopes of reading this to a young children’s group at our local library – I have to get my deaf dog certified as a therapy dog and have hit some bumps. Anyhow, thank you for writing this book, the messages are most wonderful. Being unique is totally awesome!

Thank you for coming and doing a book signing with us, the kids LOVE their books!

We can’t wait to share your books with the new babies in our families! A very sweet book indeed. Great job!

L. loves it! Such a special book about such a special, sweet pup!

I SO love your book, as do the kids! Wow!

Reviews of Meet Faith

I was gifted this beautiful board book for our Little Free Library.

While this book is referred to as a “children’s book” – what I found when I curled up to read and explore it – is a beautiful book that is perfect for youngsters and adults of any age. It’s informative, motivational, thought provoking and beautiful (Yes I said it twice – so beautiful!! ( Ooops – that’s three times now!! The manner in which the story is written, the way the book is put together, the incredible photos – yes – all so beautiful! )

As simple as this children’s board book might seem – MEET FAITH – The Story of a Deaf Dalmatian – is powerful! As an adult it made me think about how Faith met the challenges in her life – and how I might or might not be doing the same. I see this as a perfect book for children to not only read and look at on their own – but a wonderful book for grown ups to read and talk about with the little ones in their lives.

I’m putting together a new baby gift and I plan to include Meet Faith – The Story of a Deaf Dalmatian as a very special part of this gift. I highly recommend it.

GoodReads Reader

As a mom of a special needs child, this book is exceptionally powerful and tugged at my heart strings. This is exactly the type of message I want to instill in my son- that you can do anything! Thank you, Faith, and Tracy!

Amazon Customer

Author kindly shared a digital edition with me when I noticed the cover and was enchanted. Turns out that I wish I’d known Faith… and I’m not even a dog person! The photo illustrations are glorious, and the text is perfect for the board book audience. I sincerely recommend this book to anyone interested in dogs, deafness, coping with challenges, and/or family fun.

GoodReads Librarian

OMG, this is the cutest book ever about a wonderful dog named Faith, who just happens to be a deaf Dalmatian. What a great lesson for anyone, not just dogs about being different and she did so much in her life! I LOVED this book and highly recommend it to anyone who feels like their differences maybe holding them back;)

GoodReads Reader

Aww! Faith looks like she is full of life and joy. I thought the book was sweet and good for very young readers to those learning how to read on their own. For older readers, it brings up good discussion points and maybe lead to the conversation “Have you ever been told you can’t do something?”

GoodReads Reader

This is a gorgeous high quality young child’s book, of sturdy board book stock.

It tells the story of Faith, a deaf Dalmatian in simple, straightforward words. It’s charming and heartwarming and teaches your child that there is no need for a handicap to hold you back.

The beautiful color illustrations and photographs are wonderful and the story itself is magic and uplifting.

A perfect addition to your child’s library!

GoodReads Reader

Faith was a deaf dalmatian dog. But her owners never treated her that way and always told her she could do anything. So Faith played ball, learned tricks, made new friends, threw parties, and became a big sister. She has also gone paddle boarding, camping, and hiking. So hasn’t Faith had a remarkable life?

We picked this book for its cover. The story inspires the reader to be bold and brave to live fully. And believing in ourselves can help us overcome any shortcomings. Using actual photographs with a sketch effect adds to the story’s vibrancy.

In her book Meet Faith, Tracy Tydeman tells the story of a spirited dog who inspires young readers to have confidence in themselves and to never give up.

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NBPB Reviews

My daughter and I love this board book! Great quality, fantastic photos, and the message is so sweet! Definitely recommend this book for any kiddos!

GoodReads Reader

We dropped off a copy of “Meet Faith” at our local Little Free Library at a neighbor’s house a few weeks ago. While riding a bike a couple weeks later, I noticed that the door to the Little Free Library was open. I went over to close it and noticed that your book had been taken by some interested reader. I was glad to see that it had peaked the interest of some little individual, enough to check it out. The story is so warm and beautiful. I hope it will reach and influence many children in our neighborhood!

– Mark M.

My rescue dog is deaf, and I bought this book to read to her. she may not hear us reading but i think she still enjoyed it. The board book pages are durable if she paws at it or drools on it. I love that the author was able to cope with the loss of beautiful faith by writing this book and sharing her with all of us. thank you!

Amazon Customer, Verified Purchase

This book is so fabulous. Easy for kids to read and faith is too cute.

Amazon Customer