Several weeks after I received my book shipment, it became apparent that some of the books were warping just a little (most around the page where Faith is with her “friends”). Some were also bowing a bit. After a few more weeks, it was clear that most were doing this – some more than others. This was due to a printer error and they are working hard to replace my order. Since the defect is small, I am still selling the books, but at a discounted rate of $7.99. Should you have a book that was purchased at full price, and feel a partial refund is warranted, please contact me at Should you wish to purchase a book that is not defective, please check back on my website in a few months or sign-up to my newsletter at the bottom of my website for updates.

If you are curious of the amount of warping, here is what most are doing:

An here is an example of one that warped more significantly.